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Since its inception, Deaf Literacy Initiative has undertaken a number of progressive research initiatives, aimed at improving the Deaf and Deafblind literacy service delivery in Ontario. Below are examples of such resources developed at Deaf Literacy Initiative.

Workforce literacy and the Deaf stream literacy classroom (ISBN 0-9680514-7-2)

Sarah Stephenson, 2003

This research examines workforce goal-setting practices among Deaf literacy agencies. It discusses the current workforce realities and popular job types among Deaf adult literacy learners, goal-setting practices of instructors, typical goals of learners and current workforce literacy practices in Deaf stream literacy classrooms.

Click here to download a PDF version (591k) of this report

Young Deaf Adults: Perceptions of Career Planning, Goal Setting and Literacy

Heather Marsden, 2003

This research examines the employment goal-setting practices among young Deaf adults outside of literacy programs. It discusses the perception these same youth have toward literacy and its relevance to future career paths. Finally, the report outlines the implication of the attitudes of these young adults on the design and marketing of adult literacy programming.

Click here to download a PDF version (373k) of this report

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