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About Deaf Literacy Initiative

Deaf Literacy Initiative is a provincial umbrella organization that provides accessible and culturally relevant training, research, networking and resources to the Deaf and Deaf-Blind literacy community in Ontario.




We will work together with our partners to advance and empower the Deaf and Deaf-Blind literacy community.


We strive to develop new and improved tools and resources to promote literacy within the Deaf and Deaf-Blind community.


We will acknowledge and reward achievement in the development and growth of literacy in the Deaf and Deaf-Blind community.


We aim to inspire practitioners and Deaf and Deaf-Blind learners in their pursuit of literacy with our passion and knowledge.


We commit to promote literacy for Deaf and Deaf-Blind people with respect, integrity and transparency to achieve our common goals.


A world leader providing professional expertise and innovations in specialized literacy services to the Deaf and Deaf-Blind community and other coalitions.


Deaf Literacy Initiative leads in:

  • Developing accessible and accredited training for practitioners and learners in the Deaf and Deaf-Blind literacy agencies
  • Undertaking consultation, research and technology initiatives that advance the Deaf and Deaf-Blind field
  • Producing accessible and culturally relevant learning resources
  • Promoting and supporting the needs of Deaf and Deaf-Blind literacy communities globally

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